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Rapid Results is the leading premier provider of Contact Centre training with over 15 years of practical experience training and developing the New Zealand market.

Areas of expertise include customer service, sales, leadership, communication, difficult customers and more.  All courses are developed based on an ROI for the organisation with every stage of a project measurable.

Measurements – the ability to work with clients and set measures around the project that Rapid Results can be held accountable to.

ROI – working with clients to develop a Return on Investment model and set of figures that will show the benefits and gains from the project undertaken.

Ongoing sustainable change - the ability to make a positive difference to an organisation that is long term and not just a ‘flash in the pan’ and then back to business as usual.

Training guarantee – Rapid Results are so confident in their abilities that they give a 100% guarantee on training provided to remove you from any risk.

Hence our byline: TRAIN - GAIN - SUSTAIN

Having worked with hundreds of organisations across Australasia from Top 200 organisations, Government departments and privately owned SME’s Rapid Results has proved time and time again that training can be measurable, accountable and achieve long term results while being fun, engaging and interesting.