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The CRM Contact Centre Awards were introduced to New Zealand in 1997 by The Startel Group, as a means of providing an annual 'snap-shot' of how New Zealand Contact Centres are responding to customer enquiries over the telephone and internet.

Following the closure of The Startel Group in October 2003, Laurie Smith previously with Startel for 14 years and organiser of the Awards since they were introduced to New Zealand in 1997, has purchased the license to continue with the CRM Customer Service Awards and associated mystery shopping programs under her own company CRM Consulting Limited. All current and historical data for the Awards has now become the intellectual property of CRM Consulting Limited.

The CRM Contact Centre Awards have gained considerable momentum over the last seventeen years with more companies realising the importance of providing their customers with superior customer service.

The objective of the survey is to measure the quality of service delivered by Contact Centres over the telephone and internet, and to raise awareness of the impact that this has upon their image. The survey also provides benchmarking data against which individual performance can be measured, highlighting specific areas of strength and weakness in relation to the performance of other Contact Centres.