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To help you ensure your team is working to their maximum potential by the commencement date for the Awards, we suggest you commission a snap shot audit of the current service being offered by your Contact Centre. This will enable you to highlight strengths, identify points of weakness and act quickly to improve overall performance. Even a slight improvement could see your Contact Centre receiving applause, accolades and an abundance of valuable publicity when the results are announced in September!!!


Benefits of the Report

Information gained from the Pre Audit Outbound Benchmark Report will enable you to develop competitive advantage by:

  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Comparing your results to your specific sector i.e. Business to Business/Business to Consumer Calling and also overall New Zealand outbound calling average scores
  • Allowing you to better manage the Customer Service levels of your Contact Centre by providing you with benchmarking information on all call evaluation criteria.
  • If applicable, enabling you to focus attention on those areas that are in real need of improvement.


Contents of the Report 

This contains your performance in each of the calls versus:

  • Business to Business/Business to Consumer sector averages in the 2020 CRM Contact Centre Awards
  • Best in the Business to Business/Business to Consumer sector in the 2020 CRM Contact Centre Awards
  • New Zealandoutbound calling overall averages in the 2020 CRM Contact Centre Awards
  • Individual call breakdown i.e. CSR name and ranking of each evaluation criteria, along with relevant comments
  • Importance/Performance matrix - identifying strengths and priority areas for improvement based on their importance to your organisation.
  • Recommendations


Pricing Options:

     Option A - $1,500.00 + GST

          Evaluating 10 In-House Calls

     Option B - $1,750.00 + GST

           Evaluating 15 In-House Calls

    Option C - $2,050.00 + GST

           Evaluating 20 In-House Calls